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Charitable Gift Trust Tax Advantage Income For Life - Are They For You?

February 07, 2024

Charitable Gift Trusts -Tax Advantaged Income For Life

The next generation of charitable planned giving is a Charitable Gift Trust.  These trusts are designed to help you donate to a favorite charity while you continue to earn income from the money that you designate for the benefit of the charity.  The Trusts provide Donors contributing cash and or acceptable securities with the opportunity to:

A. Achieve non-recognition of capital gains on contributions of appreciated assets.

B Receive a federal income tax deduction based on the charitable remainder of the contribution value.

C. Provide you a monthly distribution of tax-advantaged income for life.

D. Make grants to qualified charitable organizations selected by the Donor.

If you have assets that you want to pass to charity this might be a great opportunity for you to:

Earn a income from assets you do not need now or in the future that are designated to charity.

Consider asking us to help you with a Financial Plan to help determine if Charitable Gift Trust is an option for you!